Pre- and Primary School

In our pre- and primary school, the focus is not on the curriculum, but on the individual. Every child is different and unique. Kids Camp offers a harmonious and stimulating environment where children feel comfortable, and parents are satisfied.

Kids Camp Bilingual Pre- and Primary School
Kids Camp Bilingual Pre- and Primary School
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Our motivated and dedicated teachers pay attention to all the strengths, abilities but also weaknesses of each child. Each child is treated as a unique individual and given exactly the support it needs.

Learning English and German at the same time is a natural part of the school day. Through the immersion method, the children are immersed not only in the respective language, but also in its culture, and thus learn both languages simultaneously through play and without any effort.

In addition to the lessons, the activities throughout the school day offer a lot of space for movement, creativity and imagination, so that learning is very easy and fun for the children.

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Our preschool concept: One step ahead.

Kindergartens and primary schools in Hesse should form tandems to ease the transition from kindergarten to school. At Kids Camp Primary School, we have gone one step further and integrated the last year of kindergarten into the school in the form of a preschool.

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Primary School

Our school concept

In our school we focus on every individual. All children are different and unique. We pay attention to the strengths, abilities but also weaknesses of each child.

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