Our most important awards are smiling faces and children’s shining eyes! We have also won other awards.

We are trained and have been granted recognition as specialists for the language screening programme “KISS” for 4 to 4 ½ year old children. It is a systematic procedure for testing and observing the language skills and communication behaviour of our children.

Together with the non-profit foundation “Haus der kleinen Forscher” (House of Little Scientists), we work to introduce our kindergarten children at an early age to STEM subjects (mathematics, information technology, natural science and technology). The highlight of this collaboration is the “Forschergeist” competition for kindergarten children. 651 daycare centres from all over Germany submitted their STEM projects for the 2020 “Forschergeist” competition. Kids Camp was the winner for the state of Hesse with the project “Mirror, mirror – so many Julias!”.

In 2021 Kids Camp Primary School was granted the status of official Erasmus+ school. The European Union Erasmus education programme is designed to enable students to learn about new cultures and countries. With our language background, we can now complement the bilingualism and diversity of our school with class trips to other European countries.

With the programme “Kindergarten on the Move” we want to help our children develop healthily by means of movement and sport. The children should not only let off steam, but also get to know their own bodies through movement, which is essential for the development of a child’s physical, mental and emotional abilities. Based on our specially developed programme “Kids Camp in Motion”, this is taught to the children in our facilities. Kids Camp received an award from the Hessian State Sports Association and the Hessian Ministry for Sport for its excellence in physical activities in the kindergarten.

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Attribution: HMSI

As a sugar-free kindergarten, we have made it our task to teach the children a healthy approach to food and to integrate this approach into the children’s everyday lives. We work closely with local dentists and with the State Working Group for Youth Dental Care in Hesse.