Teaser Kids Camp school children uphold tradition of singing for the senior citizens at Kursana during Advent

For many years, our children from Kids Camp Bilingual Primary School in Königstein have visited the neighboring Kursana retirement home during the festive season.

Teaser Children help children

Kinder helfen Kindern is a great initiative the Kids Camp Bilingual Primary School’s community regularly participates in during the run-up to Christmas

Teaser We are Humans! One of the billions but unique!

Through the eyes of each student in Kids Camp, we witness the awe-inspiring creativity that lies within each of us, as they painted their self-portraits in the unmistakable style of Peter Reynolds.

Teaser World Math Day

World Math Day is an annual event that promotes the importance of mathematics in education and everyday life.

Teaser Family Trees

“Family Trees” The first graders made posters about their families in Science class.

Teaser Learning About Phases of the Moon in Science Class

“Learning About Phases of the Moon in Science Class” The first-grade class is hard at work learning about objects in the sky!

Teaser Start of school year 2022/23

We welcome 34 new students in the first classes. Ms Bacsoka will take over as class leader in class 1a and Ms Kermani will take over as class leader in class 1b. The …

Teaser Topping-out ceremony Kids Camp Königstein

On Tuesday, 19.07.2022, the expansion of our day care centre in Heuhohlweg entered its second phase. The wooden construction was completed and this was celebrated. Big and small guests marvelled at the new …

Teaser Camping Adventure

Camping Adventure

The 4th grade set up camp here on our school grounds and slept under a full moon.

Teaser “Thank You!” from the Kindness Club

"Thank You!" from the Kindness Club

We collected 144 Euros.

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