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Our preschool concept: One step ahead.

Kindergartens and primary schools in Hesse should form tandems to ease the transition from kindergarten to school. At Kids Camp Primary School, we have gone one step further and integrated the last year of kindergarten into the school in the form of a preschool.

Day Care

The opening hours of our preschool are based on standard working hours. Like all Kids Camps centres our preschool is open for more than nine hours a day. The preschool is open the whole year and only closed for the Christmas holidays and for two weeks during the summer holidays. During the remaining school holidays an interesting holiday programme is provided.

Intensive Support in Small Classes

In the preschool we work intensively in small groups to prepare our children in the best way for the first grade. Each preschool class has a maximum of 20 children.

cupboard with shapes
We learn about shapes!


All our activities are conceived to encourage learning of the English and German languages in a playful way so that a good language competence is achieved ready for the start in first grade. Each class is taught by an English speaking and a German speaking teacher who communicates with the children in their native language. Additional teachers support the classes for music, sport and extra language support.

writing child
All beginning is easy

Support of the Children’s Development

With the many activities which combine playing, learning and physical activity in our bilingual environment the core competences of our children can develop. The focus is on motor skills, social competences, creativity in thinking and doing, concentration, independence and the development of each child’s personality.

Pedagogical Conception 

In our preclass we intensify structured learning in small groups. The fundamental skills in reading, writing and mathematics are an important aspect of our curriculum together with experiments which show the children scientific and technical phenomena in a way they can understand them. Kids Camp bases its programme on tried and tested experience in other European countries where these learning goals at a pre-school level are taken for granted.


Kids Camp’s curriculum is complemented by additional age-appropriate activities which take into consideration both the interests and talents of the children. These activities which support the physical and intellectual development of the children include art projects, sport activities, early music learning, scientific experiments, literature circle, outing and much more.