More than 30 nations at Kids Camp

About us

“I’ve never tried this before, so I’m totally sure I can do it.”

Pippi Longstocking

Was Pippi Longstocking once with us too?

Healthy, confident and happy children grow up at Kids Camp:

  • They play and learn with great joy.
  • They are content, but always curious about new things.
  • They romp around and move.
  • They experience and discover nature, their environment and two languages.
  • They make friends with whom they enjoy playing.

Our children feel safe and comfortable all around. At Kids Camp they experience warmth, enthusiasm, recognition, respect and reliability.

This is how Kids Camp children become strong children, clever schoolchildren, best friends and cosmopolitan people.

Kids Camp's Primary School opens

The Company

A short journey through the history of Kids Camp

Society had changed, women’s employment and the associated need for childcare places had increased dramatically and the shortage of childcare places for children of all ages was great. 

This gave rise to the idea of establishing a day care centre that could meet the needs of working parents and their children.

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Our most important awards are smiling faces and children’s shining eyes! We have also won other awards.

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Recognised Organisation

Kids Camp gGmbH has been a recognised voluntary welfare organisation since its foundation.

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