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Primary School

Our School Conception

In our school we focus on every individual. All children are different and unique. We pay attention to the strengths, abilities but also weaknesses of each child.


Using the immersion method our instructors teach the children communication competences in English and German. Both languages are weighted equally in the timetable. The children learn in authentic situations using all their senses.

Supportive and Challenging Instruction

As individual as each child is, so varied and differentiated are our support offers, wherever necessary, from preschool onwards – for the whole class, in small groups and in regular support groups. Language support is given in the preschool for all children with additional extra training for children whose first language is not German. Here we can individually train vocabulary, grammar, concentration and phonological awareness.

Practical, Action-oriented Teaching

Children are curious by nature. They ask questions, want to explore their environment and experiment. They can actively research in groups, with a partner, in learning centres and while doing projects. Children, who learn by doing, retain their knowledge longer.

Students build their town
We build our town!
Running Children
Fit for Future

Extended Sports Programme “Kids Camp in Motion“

Our sport programme helps to improve the children‘s motor skills, strengthens their ability to concentrate and enhances their well-being. Exercise has a positive effect on the children. They are more balanced, able to concentrate and healthier.


The children are introduced to digital media in grade 1. Right through to grade 4 they learn to use iPads, smartboards & co. in a safe and responsible way.

Competence orientated

The development of core competences together with the impartment of knowledge in different subjects is the basis for each child’s physical and mental health, well-being and quality of life so that they are open and ready to learn.

learn to use iPads, smartboards & co