Day Care Centres

Professionally qualified pedagocical staff from many different countries work in our Kids Camp day care centres. We are proud to promote early learning in both languages – English and German – from the beginning.

Children playing happily
Art and Creativity
Art and Creativity

In contrast to the learning methods used traditionally in Germany we avoid a strict separation of work and play, since this does not take the natural learning behaviour and needs of the children into account.

Our youngest children learn concepts, knowledge and language through a variety of interesting and creative activities and programmes offered throughout the day.

In the Kids Camp day care centres we make sure the children are happy and experience love, care, recognition, respect and reliability from their carers and the other children. These form the basis for first friendships and the individual development of each child’s own personality which prepares them for today’s fast-moving society.

In each location we use creative native-language education programmes to guarantee an optimal bilingual learning environment for our children. The programmes vary according to the age of the children. In the youngest groups the 1 to 3-year-old children develop their personalities, language competence, fine and gross motor skills. In the 4 to 6-year-old age groups we prepare them for a succesfull primary school time. In addition to activities in the group rooms, Kids Camp offers further programmes which enrich the children’s learning experience.

Day Care Concept

Children want to learn, play and move. Kids Camp children can learn through play, learn to move and move while playing.

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Each child mixes the three fields according to his or her needs. We call supporting each child in this process individual competence.

We stay together
Kids Camp in the Rhine-Main-Area
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Kids Camp locations are designed to meet the needs of our parents and children. After our foundation in Königstein, we also opened locations in Frankfurt and Offenbach on the initiative of our clients. Each Kids Camp is unmistakably Kids Camp but at the same time unique. A uniform interior corporate design reflects our philosophy.

Kids Camp locations

Kids Camp in Motion

Kids Camp in Motion (our sports programme), early-learning music (with external music and dance schools), creative activities, Faustlos (a programme for the prevention of aggression and violence), Letterland and Zahlenland are only a few examples of programmes used by us to support the physical and intellectual development of our children. These competences form a strong foundation for reading, writing and mathematics.