Welcome to Kids Camp!

In our day care centres, at our pre- and primary school you will find a loving, caring and inspiring surroundings for your child from the first year of life until the end of primary school.

Kids Camp offers a bilingual environment where your child can grow up speaking English and German and develop their skills and talents in an optimal way.

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Day Care Centres

Our children feel safe and comfortable all around. At Kids Camp they experience warmth, enthusiasm, recognition, respect and reliability

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Pre- and Primary School

Every child is different and unique. We pay attention to the strengths, abilities but also weaknesses of each child.

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Events and News

01.09.2020 to 02.09.2022Welcome party preschool
05.09.2022Mo.Enrollment Ceremony (1st grade)
24.09.2022Sa.Summer Party Kix
03.10.2022Fr.German Unity Day
06.10.2022Do.Kids Camp Care Run
21.10.2022Fr.1st Pedagogical Day
24.10.2022 to 28.10.2022Autumn Holidays
03.11.2022Do.Information evening about secondary schools (Location: GS Falkenstein)
08.11.2022Di.Elementary school info evening
17.11.2022Di.Open House
18.11.2022Fr.Nationwide Reading Day
25.11.2022Fr.Radio Night (3rd grade)
19.12.2022Fr.School Christmas Party (HdB)
22.12.2022 to 06.01.2023Christmas vacations
03.02.2023Fr.Report card distribution (classes until 12:00)
20.02.2023Mo.Shrove Monday care/support
21.02.2023Di.Shrove Tuesday care/support
03.04.2023 to 21.04.2023Easter vacations
01.05.2023Mo.Labor Day
18.05.2023Do.Ascension Day
19.05.2023Fr.Bridge day care/support
29.05.2023Mo.Whit Monday
08.06.2023Do.Corpus Christi
09.06.2023Fr.ped. day
14.06.2023 to 16.06.2023Class trip (class 4)
03.07.2023 to 06.07.2023Parent-teacher conferences (preschool)
07.07.2023Fr.Report Card Conference (Kids Camp closed)
09.07.2023So.Rheingau Music Festival
10.07.2023 to 11.07.2023Parent-teacher conferences (elementary school)
14.07.2023Fr.Graduation preschool
21.07.2023Fr.Report card distribution (classes until 12:00)
24.07.2023 to 28.07.2023Summer Vacation Program
Kunst und Kreativität

Free places for the pre-school year 2022/23!

We only have a few places left in our pre-school (last year of kindergarten) for the kindergarten year 2022/23. If you are interested, please send your application to: info@kidscamp-schule.de.


Childcare close to the working place, on the other hand, means that parents and children have the same commute and can spend more time together.

Bilingual day care centre
Bilingual day care centre
Bilingual day care centre
Bilingual day care centre
Bilingual primary school

Six locations in the Rhine-Main area

Kids Camp offers places for children who do not live in the immediate vicinity of the Kids Camp in question.

Day Care Centres

  • Kids Camp Königstein, Königstein
  • Kids Camp Schneidhain, Königstein/Schneidhain
  • Kids Camp Kennedyallee, Frankfurt
  • Kids Camp Tel Aviv Platz, Frankfurt
  • Kids Camp Main Park, Offenbach

Pre- and Primary School

  • Kids Camp Bilingual Primary and Preschool, Königstein

“I’ve never tried this before, so I’m totally sure I can do it.”

Pippi Longstocking

Healthy, confident and happy children grow up at Kids Camp:

They play and learn with great joy. They are content, but always curious about new things. They romp around and move. They experience and discover nature, their environment and two languages. They make friends with whom they enjoy playing.

Impressions from the Kids Camps