November 2021

Welcome to our new homepage

The time has come, our new homepage is going online. After more than 10 years, we have given our website a real makeover and are now pleased to welcome you here.

There are many new features and areas where you learn more about us.

Under News you will find small articles about new projects and events at our day care centres and school.

happy kid
A classroom
Bilinguale Grundschule in Königstein
Kinder bewundern ihre gebastelten Dinoeier

There are many new things to discover and we are happy to invite you to join us.

Your Kids Camp Team

More news:

Celebrate Our Earth
We also learned what we need to do to make sure we always have this wonderful nature around us. Read more

Reading Month of May 2022
It is an exciting month full of fun activities that revolve around reading. Read more

The 4th Grade Kindness Club
The 4th Grade Kindness Club would like to help Ukraine too! Read more

Getting ready for World Math Day!
We have been practicing, making Pi necklaces, and getting our avatars ready! Read more